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Bud Leedom literally wrote the book on supply and demand investing. Leedom Asset Management portfolios are individually managed to meet the specific needs of its clients through a highly disciplined approach. Our portfolio strategy features a unique blend of stock screening, selection and portfolio management. These portfolios are optimally balanced to focus on growth stocks with a calibrated level of exposure to the market.



Portfolio positions are selected from a pre-screened list, or universe of growth stocks according to fundamental measures. This universe of stocks is comprised of leading companies from the S&P 500, Nasdaq, Dow Industrials, and Russell 3000 indices. From this unique list of candidates, Leedom Asset Management builds its portfolio strategy through a proprietary selection process.  



The selection process is where Leedom Asset Management differentiates itself from other managers. Based on principles of Supply and Demand Investing, written by Bud Leedom, our research identifies growth stock selections based on imbalances of supply and demand. This analysis alerts Leedom Asset Management to growth stocks that are being accumulated by the Smart Money to identify unique situations and gauge the timing of portfolio positions. Leedom Asset Management uses this selection process to produce its client portfolios.   


Portfolio Management

Leedom Asset Management provides ongoing management of its client portfolios based on fundamental measures and relevant changes to the imbalance nature of its positions. Based on its defined universe, Leedom Asset Management seeks to optimize the market exposure of its client portfolios through the imbalance characteristics of the market, according to market conditions.


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